Jorral Haldric

Owner of Silver Hound Arms and Armor


Jorral is a tall, muscular man with messy dark hair, a short beard and blue eyes. He wears common clothing, and a stern expression.


Jorral Haldric is the owner of Silver Hound Arms and Armor. He is a gruff and quiet man who is generally unwilling to negotiate prices for his goods. He knows their worth and intends to sell them for that price. He is not well liked by many of his rivals, as he is the primary supplier for Noximar’s guards and soldiers. Often his rivals will claim he only maintains that privilege because his sister is the guard captain. Though his relationship with the guard captain may have some effect, it cannot be denied that Jorral knows his craft, and has earned his position.

Haldric has recently taken an apprentice, which is considered odd for a couple reasons. The first being that he has never taken an apprentice before, the second being that his apprentice is a dwarf of all people.

Haldric believes that General Corrix is the best fit for the barony, he desires strong leadership, and it probably doesn’t hurt that Haldric would probably thrive under Corrix’s proposed economy.

Jorral Haldric

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