Elise Haldric

Captain of the Noximarian Guard


Elise has long brown hair and piercing green eyes. In the rare occasion she is out of uniform, she wears dark and orderly clothing. Elise is very direct, she rarely sees the point in wasting time with small talk and the like, she is rigid in her posture and methods, generally very strict, but fair.


The younger of the Haldric children, Elise was never meant to inherent the family business (Silver Hound Arms and Armor). While her brother learned the art of the forge, Elise learned the art of war. She served in the military for some time before leaving to join the city guard instead. Her military experience served her well and she quickly rose in the ranks. Now Elise serves as the guard captain of Noximar. With the city in the mess that it is, she has her work cut out for her.

Elise Haldric

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