Baroness Alvianne Thorn

The Cunning Baroness of Thorndir


Baroness Alvianne Thorn wields an heir of mystery about her. She is a tall and slender woman, who confidently rules her domain not through strength, but through intrigue. She has pale skin and long raven black hair, and wears elegant clothing tending towards dark colors.


Thorndir is the smallest of the three baronies, but should not be underestimated. What Baroness Alvianne Thorn lacks in power, she more than makes up for in cunning. Thorndir’s leader is Shrewd and patient, and while her rivals squabble over the land between them, she has expanded her territory to areas the others have neglected. Baroness Thorn does not care much for Noximar and its plight, but should a conflict break out between Noximar and Gardoron, she would be sure to exploit it.

Baroness Alvianne Thorn

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