Welcome to the second age of Sarotha

It is time of great change and conflict.  Over is the age of Elves, and while they lick their wounds in the wasteland that was once their home, the once savage and tribal humans have begun to carve their place in the world.

It is in the region that will one day come to be known as Sharra that humans have come together.  The Great Lake has become the lifeblood of human civilization, as settlements and villages begin to sprout up along both its banks and rivers.  Of these settlements, three have garnered enough influence to affect the rest.  These baronies demand the loyalty of their nearby settlements, and offer protection in exchange

Gardoron, named for the war god of strength, is the home of some of humanity's strongest.  Gardoron is unusual in that it does not rest upon one of the many water sources in the region, not only this, but it also rests in the middle of the Trollwood, a savage landscape that is home to naught but the most frightening of creatures.  To not only make a home there, but to thrive and prosper there, is a testament to these people's fortitude.

Thorndir, which rests on the mount of the southern river, is the smallest of the three baronies, but should not be underestimated.  Thorndir's leadership is shrewd and cunning, and what they lack in land and power, they all but make up for in strategy and efficiency.

Finally, Noximar, the first city, and the most influential of the three baronies.  Noximar wields great power in the region, and for many years was prosperous and strong.  Though recently, that prosperity has been a facade.  Noximar is dying, and though it may still seem powerful, it is rotting from the inside.  Paranoia and weakness in the cities leadership have caused the military to swell, while the people starve.  Finally, just when things were bad enough, the unthinkable happened: The Baron of Noximar died without an heir.  Now the ensuing power struggle threatens to tear the already weakened city apart, while the other baronies wait for any opportunity to seize power.  Meanwhile, mysterious shadows hang over the land.

Welcome to Lakeshorra.

Shadows over Noximar

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