Valgar Steelbeard

Could make a greatsword out of a thumb tack.


Will write this into an actual story at some point.

86 years old, 4 ft. 5 in., 168 lbs.
Steely Gray Hair. Long beard, and hair tied back taut into a low ponytail.

Comes from Hearthwood, a medium sized village in Earthfell.

Wields Forgeguard, first warhammer of the Steelbeard Family. Non-magical, but bronze and somewhat intricate. Wielded by the heir of the Steelbeard legacy, passed through generations of dwarves.

Vulgar, brash, enjoys rushing in.

Anra Steelbeard – Wife
Marwyn Steelbeard – Daughter
Harnir Steelbeard – Son

Valgar Steelbeard

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